Olympic Design Group, Inc.

Olympic Design Group presents:
Rainshadow Environmental Homes

Entry - south facing windows heat the radiant concrete slab slowly releasing the store heat at night, a passive solar device. ADU, garage and house form private spaces, design takes in the existing trees.

Loft - sliding wood and glass panel screens, storage steps to loft are part of a more Zen lifestyle.

The Sun heats Hydronic collector on the roof that is stored in a tank that feed the preheated water into the W.H./boiler for radiant floor heat.

Bathroom - Glass blocks above and interior window let natural light flow through bathroom, Slate and Milestone are tub surfaces.

IcyneneTM is a spray in place, soy based foam. It is healthier, quieter and seals the building envelope for optimal airtightness.

Olympic Design Group, Inc.

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